On an uncharacteristically warm and sunny October afternoon, NRC members, Kate and Glynne Malkin and John Tyas ventured out with the Malkin's pair of Goshawks, Shakira and Yoda.

Both were keen to go, though perhaps a little unsettled at seeing a strange face and visiting unfamiliar territory, nonetheless, the group, including cocker spaniel Truffle, headed over the field toward the intended wood.

Within minutes of entering the wood, Yoda had his first slip, but was unlucky not to be able to hang on, and the quarry escaped. However, being a Goshawk , he obviously has a keen eye, and spotted the remains of a sparrowhawk kill, which he promptly took into a tree and tucked in..leaving the dilemma of how to get him out of the tree..so Shakira was passed across to me, which she wasn't best pleased about, and our chairman found himself yet again up the tree for the second week running!!

Yoda was soon rounded up , and we progressed deeper into the wood. Truffle was in and out of cover, flushing quarry on a several occasions, and as we reached the bottom corner of the wood and headed back up, several quarry were spotted in cover.

Glynne took Shakira outside the wood while Kate and I stayed on the perimeter and walked up the quarry, pushing it out of the wood toward Glynne.

Shakira was given a slip, and following a long chase, she took the quarry from underneath in mid-flight..a spectacular flight!

Given that Shakira had been successful, and technically speaking, so had Yoda..it was decided to end on a good note till next time.

You can check the pics here, and below is a clip of Shakira coming of the kill, very well behaved bird...




John Tyas

14th Oct 2011